Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Changing Times

".....we can only cope with changes we acknowledge." ~ Gregg Braden

Monday, 20 November 2017

Lettuce Explosion

I have had an explosion of lettuce germination taking place in my garden over the last few weeks. It began when these lettuce and those planted in the next bed grew and then went to seed.

This is a picture of the same garden bed. I have moved about a dozen seedlings and re-planted them in other gardens

Shown below are some of the transplanted lettuce. Yes there are some weeds in the garden too.

At some point I realised that I enough lettuce and cut the seed heads and experimented with dropping the seed heads in different garden beds.

I dropped a red lettuce seed head in the garden shown below. 

I also dropped some green lettuce seed heads in bare patches in my main ornamental garden. There have be lots of seed sprout.

It was an interesting experiment. Next time I try this I will break up the seed heads more so that I don't have so many lettuce seedlings come up in the same spot.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Abandoned Self

"And now, in my own stillness, I hear something. 'Where have you been?' my inside body whispers to my outside one. Its sense of outrage is present, but dulled by the grief of abandonment. 'I had ideas. There were things to do. Where did you go?' What can I answer? Oh, I had some errands to run. I had a few things to do. I needed to get married and have a child and go underground for twenty-five years, be pleasantly suffocated. I meant to come back. But the bread crumbs got blown away."  ~ Elizabeth Berg, The Pull of the Moon.

I wonder what is worse the abandoned self or the undiscovered self? The abandoned self knows himself or herself, at least to some extent; 'I had ideas. There were things to do'. The undiscovered self,  being of a closed spirit, does not have this knowledge.

We can feel that the self has been abandoned when the truth is we have chosen a path and walked it. It is a bit hard to walk two paths after all. 

Keeping a journal may help us keep track of our ideas, our values, our selves. Then while some things may be delayed as we walk the path we have chosen, they need not necessarily be abandoned. Those ideas, those things we wanted to do, are recorded and we can turn to those pages to reconnect with our sense of self. And someday as the carousel of time spins in its circle, there may be the opportunity to walk the path not chosen. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

The Haves and Have Nots

I came across this video last week. The video was produced by the Australian Council of Social Service. Despite more than two decades of unprecedented economic growth, income and wealth gaps continued to grow between the top 20 percent and the bottom 20 percent of the population. 

This video and related report were produced in 2015. I wonder how those people being squeezed out of the pool during the period of unprecedented economic growth are faring now in this post economic boom period?

Thursday, 2 November 2017

All Souls Day

As it is not a going to (paid) work day for me today, I had the luxury of spending some time working in the garden this morning. I have cleared away the weeds from around one of the mangoes and laid some mulch down underneath the canopy. I have transplanted some lettuce seedlings. I have lots of lettuce seedlings left to transplant. I let some of the last seasons lettuce, that were growing in two small raised beds go to seed. Now I have two raised beds jam packed with lettuce seedlings. 

This picture shows the original planting of lettuce. These grew, the leaves
were harvested, and then some of the plants were let go to seed.

Do you remember me writing that my Mango trees had an abundance of flowers? Well I think that the King Parrots and their cohorts have been dining on the flowers and possibly the young fruit. Some young fruit also dropped during the heavy rain we experienced recently. Oh well there are still some mangoes left on the trees.

Don has gone fishing this morning. It is a spectacular morning to be in the great outdoors. I see that he has left the crab pots behind so I won't be expecting any mud crabs for dinner. It would be nice if he does catch tonight"s dinner. However I think there may be still too much fresh water in the river from the recent rains.

While working in the garden, I have been enjoying the company of Banjo and Moxie. They have been racing around the dam and running in and out of the water. They really are very lucky puppies to have each other and tons of space to in which to roam and play.

Banjo playing by the dam when he was a young puppy.

Later today I intend to go through our Christmas decorations as a bit of a decluttering exercise. There is no room in our small home for a large Christmas tree, so I don't need as much in the way of decorations.

Today is All Soul's Day. A time to pause and think of the loved ones who are no longer with us. I think not only of the relatives I knew but those I never met stretching back through the generations. The pioneers, saddle-makers, explorers, farmers, stonemasons, nurses, business owners who were my forebears. 

Reading is an activity that nourishes my soul.

Also today I will capture some time to care and nourish my soul. Whether that be lunch by the river or by making time for a colour meditation by working on one of my colouring projects. 

I hope you too find some time today to take care of your soul.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

One's Own Merit

"For there is poverty and wealth in every occupation. One's occupation does not cause poverty, nor does it bring wealth. All is determined on the basis of one's merit." Babylonian Talmud 82a

Monday, 30 October 2017

A Break in Transmission

I know I have been quiet lately. My husband's brother and sister-in-law travelled across from Western Australia for a couple of weeks holiday. Having recently finished chemotherapy treatment my brother-in-law wanted to spend some quality time with his brother

It was a time of family BBQs and conversation. Don and his brother were able to spend some time fishing. 

It was a special time which we all greatly enjoyed.